Difficulty with Installation of G-Technology Assistant

I work offline in a secure environment and the company does not allow certain computers online. I was able to use a USB stick to install G-SPEED Software Utility but I cannot install the basic 1st step which is the G-Technology Assistant (via USB even though I just downloaded it from another computer to the USB) because it will not move past Step one which is Check for Updates. I assume it is current anyway, because I just downloaded from the main site (support.g-technology.com/downloads).

This is the only option under the General Tab, besides the 4 Check boxes. Under the other tab (G-DOCK ev), the button is grayed out and not available.

  1. How can I reformat my G Speed using the Software Utility without the G-Technology Assistant installed? The Software Utility did install but does not seem to work without G-Technology Assistant also installed.

or 2) I need to be able to install G-Technology Assistant installed without being online to update but the only button forward with the install says Check for Updates…

Thank you for any help.

The G-Tech Assistant was a software that was only made for adding LED drives to the G-DOCK. No other device of ours has a use for the software and it is not needed.