Different views of Duo from Local and Net

I just bought and installed a MyCloud Home Duo. When I view the drives from “My Computer” I see “Michael’s My Cloud Home Duo” (with the 4 JPEGs I copied there from my phone, but none of the subdirectories I created from the desktop app, and no “Public” folder.
When I view the drives from my NETWORK I see a “computer device” named “MYCLOUD-12345”. Clicking this deviece, I see the “public” share, and clicking that, I see the folders I created.

  1. Why the different names and different views?
  2. Can the drives be renamed?
    I have some more questions/issues, but they are software related, so I will create a separate post for them.
    Any clarification is appreciated.

The My Cloud Home user space is mounted as a Network Mounted Drive Letter on the local computer. The mounted drive is not classified as a Network Share and will not be accessible using as a share in Windows Network or Mac OS Finder. Alternatively any shares created via the samba mount will not be view-able in the mobile app or the network mounted drive view.

See the following knowlede base articles that explain the different views:

Hi again Lance,

I understand that (I think) - stuff in MY space is not available on the network, right? And the PUBLIC space is only available on the network. What I don’t get is WHY the PUBLIC space is not viewable from the mobile app. I haven’t even tried setting up multiple users spaces yet, but am curious how sharing works if the PUBLIC space is not viewable from the mobile app.

Not a clue what a samba mount is. Do I have one? How can I find it?

Thanx for the links. I’m still not sure if they address exactly what I’m having trouble understanding. Let me ask you (in very simple terms) if what I think I understand is correct. If I have this right, I can only access MY space via the mobile app and MyComputer (as a mapped drive). I can access public space only as a network drive. If I have that right, I’ll press on to try to figure out sharing, backups, etc. I do have a backup issue, but I’ll try to find the right fprum for that. Thanx again.

Not exactly, the My Cloud home user space is available over the network and can be mapped to a computer as a network drive letter via the WD Discovery app. In this user space mounted as network mounted drive you will not see the shares that are mounted to your network via the samba protocol. The public share mounted via samba is what you see listed under network on your computer. Any files or folder created here will only be seen if you look under network on your computer but they will not show up in the network mounted drive, web app, or the mobile app.

samba is a network protocol. More info on samba here Samba - ArchWiki


The real question is why has WD set up Home
Duo in this way. It is counter intuitive for a NAS drive which purports to offer (and advertises) a central space to store all your music / photos / videos and files in a single space. By using a samba mount - other systems such as Sonos which needs to access content are unable to so do so - unless I waste the capacity of my new NAS drive by copying everything twice on the samba mount and conventional LAN.