Different plex server version

Hello, my brother and I have a my cloud home, I wanted to ask why I have a different software and server version since he still has the 2020 plex server and the mobile application version 7.16.0- 220 and the truth is that it has many problems with remote connections. On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s because of the beta program, but I have this version and it works very well for me. I’ll leave you with images.

Thanks for reporting, but the beta version is being updated and has not been generally released. There is a discussion over on this topic.

Thank you

I don’t know if it would help with your issues, but I noticed that this version of Plex only opens it’s main ports under IP6 as long as the option for enabling IP6 support is enabled in Plex. Since it is enabled by default remote access comes and goes because it is reliant on IP4-IP6 forwarding which seems to be a bit shaky. When I disabled IP6 support in the Plex server settings and restarted the device my remote access became much more stable.

You’ll still have the other issues in this older version of Plex many of which affect remote streaming, but the basic connectivity should work. So far for me live transcoding for remote seems to knock the audio seriously out of sync… I can watch things remotely, but the video seems to lead the audio by a second or two in most cases, so it’s not really ‘fully functional’. If I create ‘optimized versions’ it works better, but that’s space and time prohibitive for any sizable collection.

Try disabling IP6 support, I hope it helps you get closer to your goals until WD finally updates this thing. It’s an odd android device, but it’s also an interesting one… It streams to my smart TVs pretty well.


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Quick follow-up. Recent firmware updates have helped a lot with the remote streaming issues. As long as you have reasonable bandwidth playback now seems to work fairly well remotely. If you’re cellular only it seems to work unless the coverage(b/w) is weak. At that point it tries to transcode and generally doesn’t keep up well.

Remote quality is very dependent on the capabilities of the device and having a file format/quality that is device supported and requires no more bandwidth than is ‘stable’ at your location. If you do a lot of it some media may require ‘optimized’ versions to be prepared for the device/bandwidth combination.