Different homepage on logon

Why do my 2 home screens look different one has a pi chart the other doesn’t. Any ideas!

No way to know unless you post a picture/screen capture of the second home screen. The initial screen capture posted (from a mobile device) is correct. It shows what the My Cloud Dashboard for the first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud is supposed to look like.

On the My Cloud that isn’t displaying all the information, that could be due to it scanning files (as evidenced by the Content Scan indicating Scanning. If that unit was recently rebooted or powered on that could account for the operating system being busy and taking a while to scan. Anything that keeps the My Cloud operating system occupied, like media scanning, can make the My Cloud Dashboard sluggish causing things not to load. As a troubleshooting step turn off, in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section, the Media Servers both Twonky and iTunes if they are enabled. And turn off Remote Access as well to see if the issue resolves itself.

There are unofficial mods to disable the My Cloud content scanning so the My Cloud Dashboard isn’t so sluggish. Usually people having the single bay My Cloud sleep issue disable several My Cloud OS services that also help to make the My Cloud Dashboard more responsive. Use the forum search feature to find the numerous past discussions on the sleep issue and services that one can disable.

Thank you when I checked it was rebooting for some reason this dive hadn’t booted properly, my second drive had come up cleanly, I reset the first drive and all is well now . thank you