Different File names/Files not found

I have been using the WD TV Live for a few months with great success. 

But recently, wierd things have been happening.  Well one wierd thing and maybe a second. 

I started using a program called TheRenamer, which simply takes .AVI tv shows I download or have and renames them and puts them into a proper file name and directory structure.  Works great, I have done it to about 95% of my files.  After the change and move, they play great on my pc like before. 

A simple example is I could download a show, Cops.  here is what the file name is before the change:


now I go and put it thru the program and it will be:


Ok, so far so good.   

But in many cases, when I go to the WD Live TV unit, it shows the old show name even though it’s correct on my pc. 

Now, it seems that old ones that I had when I first did the renameing are having this issue but newer shows since show correctly.  It makes no sense to me, any ideas?