Different Backdrop for Movies,Photos,Music, etc (Mini Mod)

First of all, this has nothing to do with any of my previous or current work.

It’s a ‘theme’ solution to a post in the WDTV Live Hub ‘Ideas’ forum … see here

So … this little mini mod theme enables …
“A Different Backdrop for Movies / Photos / Music / Files / Services & Setup Views”

If you wish to use your own picture backdrops…
1. Choose a picture and resize,scale,cut or crop it to 1280x720
2. “Save” it as a “jpg” (around 200k is best to conserve Live Hub memory)
3. Rename it to the corresponding picture in the theme… and change the extension to “png”

Download Link:


No password


Cool :slight_smile:

i am :dizzy_face:

but where to put them???

@ bessa

It’s a “Theme” … therefore  it goes into the . wd_tv\theme folder.

Example of installing a Theme here:


ok, thanx!

i understand! sorry, but other themes were already in folders. so i create a new folder… i think i’ll get it!!

hey, looks great! now i will play around with some backdrops…

there isn’t any backdrop for the games… ?

but thank you very much for your great work!

You can get some nice backdrops from HERE.

yes, thanx! i already knew this site… i like the style of xbmc-backdrops.

are there any others?

edit: i found this one:



also some nice pics

No, I don’t know that there is any other site dedicated to media backdrops.  If your looking for something specific though, I would try deviantart.com.

no, thanx, that’s not my taste…

but i found wallpapersonweb.com with nice pics for the home menue screen

edit: and although i’ll never play one of the featured games i want this backdrop:

@joey: thanx again for this theme. i’ve chosen my own backdrops and i really like the style now. but - just to inform you - navigation in video folder is very slow now and the movie-infos will not be shown…

Version " 2"

* Fixed Slow Navigation in “Gallery View”  (all other video views were ok except this one)

* Fixed Video “Preview Browse” Background Size

* Fixed “Setup” Text Alignment

* Added “Themes” Background

* No support for a “Games” background as im running Firmware 2.04.13 and cannot test it.


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