Differences between WDBAAN0000NBK and WDBAAP000NBK


Does anyone know the differences or have any information on these specific model numbers?

They are both for the WD TV Live.

WDBAAN0000NBK - the model number on the WD website, http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=735

WDBAAP000NBK - the model number from staticice.com.au search results, the other model number returns no results



I’ve seen WDBAAN0000NBK referenced on a shopping site as the North American model.

WDBAAP000NBK is only seen on Australian shopping sites / ebay.

My guess is that the model number specifies the intended region of sale.  The differences will be limited to supplied power adapter and whether they default the output to PAL or NTSC.

Ahh that makes sense - thanks!