Differences between models

I am getting ready to replace a wd2500AAJS Cavier SE with a new one.  I see many different models  available on ebay and other places, Cavier Black, blue, green, etc.  What is the difference between these,  Does it matter which one I use, are some faster, better, quieter, newer technology, etc.?    Thank you

HI there!!

WD has 3 different Caviar drives, Blue, Green and Black.

  • The Blue line has regular 7200RPM drives with no special features (AAJS belongs to the Blue line)

  • The Green line has quiet drives that spin at 5400RPM, they also come in large sizes like 3TB.

  • The Black line has the fast 7200RPM drives and are way better, they also have a longer warranty.

Hope it helps!!!

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thanks, that is very haelpful.  appreciate your time