Differences between EAVS EARS EARX?

I have a disc WD STUDIO EDITION II with two discs WD 10EAVS. 
One internal disks crashed.
WD 10EAVS not on sale in Moscow. 
On sale is WD10EARS and WD10EARX.
Can I use these disks to replace one of the disks in the mirror?

EAVS is the first generation of SATA II Caviar Green with 16MB cache, EARS is the second generation SATA II Caviar Green with 64MB and 4K sectors (Advanced Format) and EARX is the third generation of Caviar Green with SATA III, 64MB cache and 4K sectors.

For any RAID configuration you need to make sure to use the exact same drives or you risk having a RAID that dies quick or is slower than a snail… Call WD, if the MBSII is under warranty they should help you find the right drive for free.

See if you can reach WD through this contact page. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Warranty expired. Can a model WD STUDIO EDITION II to work with new discs WD10EARS, If I replace both drives to the new