Difference between WDBPKJ0040BBK-0B and another similar?

so my Passport fell off the table and now it wont read. Data recovery guy says the heads moved and we need to find the same model number to fix it. I cant find the -0B but see a 0A. Might this have the same number of platters/heads? Does anyone know the insides? Tried chatting with WD and they seem to not know anything about old models. Ours says June 2021. (also bought one with -WESN and it is slightly newer and now has only 4 platters). Hoping if any have 5 platters I would take a chance that the heads are the same. Please help me recover my childrens home videos from their first 10 years of life that somehow only seem to be on this drive. (I know, I will backup a millions times after this and to the cloud…)

Hi @tiana1,

Please refer to the article Recover Data from a Drive, Obtain a Circuit Board, Repair a Drive, or Find Data Recovery Partners:

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