Difference between WD7500BPKX Black and Scorpio Black drives?

Hi, I just noticed something. My dead 750gb Scorpio Black sticker says Scorpio Black WD7500BPKX, but some of the ones I’m looking at on Ebay etc have the exact same model number but do not have “Scorpio” on the label, they just say “Black”.
Is there any difference?

thank you

WDC sometimes changes the name of existing drives or a family of drives without notice. Another example is the WD3200AAKS which started life as the Caviar SE-16 320GB in the early 2000s, but then later became the Caviar Blue 320GB. Marketing is probably revamping the drive families, especially considering the impact of SSDs and hybrid drives.

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Okay that makes sense, I just wanted to make sure if i bought one it would be the exact same model including pcb board. From my research it appears the same pcb board was also used on the 500gb model Scorpio Black/Black
2060-771629-006 rev A

I suggest you confirm that assumption with WDC support before making any decisions.WD5002AALX is an example of a drive which went from four platters to two without any notice while retaining the same model #, though admittedly the sub-model # or whatever it’s called did change.