Difference between up- und download time

Hello, I using my new My Book Live since yesterday. First of all I updated the Fireware. The My Book Live is connected to an 1 GB Switch. My PC also has an 1 GB Network Card. I took a 700 MB File and uploaded it to the public share with 35 mb/s. After that I downloaded the same file with only 5,5 mb/s. My Desktop Firewall was turned off. What could be the reason for the difference between up- and download time? Any ideas? Thanks, Saylim

What else do you have going on, on your network?

Wow.   35 megabit/sec?   I get close to 8x that on my wired network, in both directions.



Yesterday I tried FTP Transfer and I reached 70 mb/s in both directions. That was the only network traffic at his time. Better than Win 7 Expolrer :slight_smile: