Difference between these two drives...?

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t like SSDs and look for the largest, most stable, reliable drives possible for my OS/storage (I like everything in one place, splitting things up across drives makes me feel like im losing things, :L im weird)

So naturally I gravitated toward the 4TB Blacks…

What is the difference between






It looks like the “Enterprise” drive that costs the most, has the least cache, 32mb. What is with the price difference between these 3 drives?

Hi, the enterprise is designed for 24/7 use and are recommended for RAID configurations. I see WD Blacks as more as a gaming, home use hard drive.

So does that mean the Enterprise drives are more reliable? or only more reliable during 24/7 use?

Don’t necessary have to be that way.

They are more absorb proof and can be handled in raid situations and also have longer warranty.

It’s doesn’t mean they last longer though.