Difference between these two 320gb drives?

Hey everyone,

I have 2x WD 320GB WD3200aaks, but they end in different numbers.

One is 00V1A0 and the other is 00L9A0.

Now what is the difference between these 2?

I wanted to put these two in RAID 0 and don’t want a bottle neck because one might be actually slower than the other.


There is no difference between the two drives. The suffix number is for WD internal use only. As the manufacturing process changes over time, so does the suffix.

Western Digital recommends using RAID Edition drives in RAID arrays. The KS series drives are Desktop drives and are not recommended for RAID unless you are using a very high-end RAID controller that can see drives while they are in a deep recovery cycle.

Link: What is the difference between Desktop edition and RAID (Enterprise) edition hard drives?

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why can thte newer one have a newer manufacturing process that we don’t know about

like 1 platter instead of 2 and be suffeixed differently

Western Digital does not sell drives by platter count, only by drive type. If you are looking for higher performance drives then you should use RE3/RE4 or VelociRaptor drives for RAID, or Black or VelociRaptor drives for non-RAID.