Difference between Standby & full power-down

New user here. I would prefer to do full-power downs during the day while at work and overnight. Is there a detriment aside from the longer bootup? I’ve tried searching briefly and can’t seem to find a concise answer. Apologies if I’ve overlooked one on here.

Not really, has you say, it needs to boot up from being off and does some sort of scan, but for me only about a minute to do that.

I see no point in leaving equipment on even in standby if I am not using for some time ( for me may be day’s before I use the media player again.

It waist energy ( ok not much ) and despite the small risk of equipment going faulty while you away from the house, there is a risk.

Sounds good. I was afraid that maybe it cleared any cache and wouldn’t remember played positions, or would trigger a full re-compile at startup.


If you watch a movie on the network, then the position in the file will be lost after a full shutdown.