Difference between NESN vs non NESN models

I’m trying to purchase (and price match) a drive on Staples with one on Amazon and B&H, and Staples is saying that the models aren’t the ‘same’ because Staples doesn’t show ‘-NESN’ at the end of the model number, yet Amazon, B&H and other retailers do. Is there a difference between the NESN and non NESN models?

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Those are internal coding for WD, this has being discussed before (on the old community). Honestly most likely only they know what it means. You might want to Contact WD and see if they can share that information.

Here is an Official Western Digital pdf explaining what the “internal coding” means

( found via a Google search )


eg. NESN

N = Pan-America
E = External
SN = Standard

Perfect. Thank you both for your reply!

I know there are versions of these. The one offered by @JoeySmyth is Nov 2009, I have another Mar 2009 and am adding this one dated Jul 2012 titled OEM and Distribution Channels. I have not had the need to actually tally the differences but keep them for future needs.

FYI @Lonsman replied to a thread of mine from last year re: NESN that I lost track of until it got locked.

Western Digital Model Numbers 2012 Jul.pdf (56.0 KB)