Difference between mycloud and mycloud home?

I own both types and like them both. However I find the Mycloud home to be quit noisy.

How dare you try to answer questions with detailed information! Shouldn’t you just be pointing everyone to http://learn.mycloud.com and going back to sleep!!!???


This is the most shambolic product I have ever bought tbh.


If you are a spendthrift, wanna be ignored by WD team, wanna spend a lot of time to do a simple thing, wanna be an expert on wd community to ask everything (most of them without answer!), wanna a drive with 20mb/s read speed, wanna not be able to play a music from your drive’s app on your phone, wanna have thousands of duplicated backup files from one single photo on your NAS drive, wanna not to be able to manage users drive spaces of your NAS and … you should buy My Cloud Home! Otherwise, you should buy My Cloud.


yep going to strip mine down buy a nas that uses plex and supports plex and advertise in my front window how useless wd is

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If WD would give us rights to communicate with My Cloud and My Cloud Home it would be better. Having to “upgrade” a product that cannot even communicate with the original drive (or work similar) isn’t selling your brand or giving to craps about the customers attracted to your products in the first place.

I have the original My cloud and use plex already, to use My cloud Home I either have to to transfer all there and use it off of one drive (which defeats the purpose of buying extra storage) or create 2 servers and flop back and forth every time I want to watch something. A way for the original plex setup to see the files from the new my cloud home or for the “included” plex off the my cloud home to see the files on my Cloud original would help too… so frustrating…


Warning: My Cloud Home [single bay] can NOT be backed up to an external drive, via standard WD software/apps.

(Unlike the original My Cloud - this newer HOME version does NOT allow you to create a backup of your ‘My Cloud Home’ drive - at least as of 2018.05.22).

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ROTFLMAO They won’t. They don’t give a sh*t. If they’d do they wouldn’t have sold this ■■■■ from hell (my worst hw/sw experience ever (!)). Only solution: move on from WD. Never buy any of their products again!


I do not have a my cloud home. however, I am using a my cloud single bay for about 2 years. Up to today my cloud device is working okay. I can connect my Sony Android TV with the device and watch multimedia content stored in the device. By the way, at one point the external power adapter broke and I had to buy a new one. In a nutshell, I am satisfied with the my cloud device.

My Cloud more better. My Cloud Home is very raw product with a lot of problems and wd support not working.

WD are still offering reregistered My Cloud drives at £69.99.
My advice to anyone who has realised their mistake in moving to the Home version is to get one before they all go.
The 2nd generation My Cloud has a faster processor and more RAM and is lightening fast compared to the original release. The 2nd gen part number ends in’10’.

The main difference is that the MyCloud Home is useless. Anyone expecting an updated WD mybook/mycloud will be very dissappointed. I feel I wasted $280 on ■■■■. No more WD products for me.

I have a My Cloud NAS that I use with the files.mycloud.com website to generate links for emailing large files and folders. I am frustrated that many time the files.cloud server has issues and emails are not possible.

It appears the with MY Cloud home you no longer need the files.mycloud.com web site. Is that so?

How come they did not create that feature for their customers that are still using My Cloud devices?

Can someone provide some info on this.


It doesn’t play well with others. No samba. I’m returning it.

files.mycloud.com accesses the older mycloud drives. home.mycloud.com accesses the newer mycloud home drives. as far as I can tell the two are not compatible with each other.

I really really hope WD doesn’t shut down its files.mycloud service as the only other way to access those drives remotely is via ftp afaik.