Difference between mycloud and mycloud home?

What’s the difference?

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The two products couldn’t be more different. The older My Cloud drives are more like traditional NAS’s while the My Cloud Home is something new.

Here’s an article outlining the differences at a very high level:


Hi from the linked page I can see they have different hardware but what are the differences in functionality between the two products?

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A look at the User Manuals should tell you. http://learn.mycloud.com/

Some quick differences:

  • MyCloud Home has 1GB of RAM (instead of 256 MB in MyCloud)

  • MyCloud Home has quad-core processor (instead of dual-core in MyCloud)

  • MyCloud Home has a Realtek RTD1295PBCG A53 processor (instead of Mindspeed Comcerto M86261G12 in MyCloud)

  • MyCloud Home use 1.4 GHz processor (instead of 650 MHz in MyCloud)

  • My Cloud Home uses only HTTPS for access.

  • My Cloud Home supports Microsoft Edge browser.

  • My Cloud Home has PLEX (built-in app?)

worth the upgrade!


By the way, when can we see the drive in stores or purchase on Amazon?

It’s already in stores. I couldn’t find it on Amazon when I did a quick search, but I did find it on Best Buy’s site:

Just to expand on that, if you look at www.wdc.com it looks like it’s currently a Best Buy exclusive.

Also from the press release:

With no additional service subscription required, the My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo solutions are protected by a two-year limited warranty and are available exclusively now from BestBuy.com in the U.S.3 and at select retailers and distributors around the world3.

3My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo are available exclusively at Best Buy for a limited time in the U.S.

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Then I shall have one tomorrow! :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding differences. I’m not interested in the hardware diffs,
What are the functional or feature differences between the two products thanks
The way the site markets them it’s not a matter of one being an upgrade to the other, they are different products but why would I buy one or the other.

A more specific question is this…

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It sure seems like the only function you have on these pages is to cite http://learn.mycloud.com/
While that is a slightly-useful piece of information, I am currently stuck with a problem: I am trying to get a SECOND computer to use a My Cloud Home device that (eventually) the WD people activated on a very long remote-access session. ( I am, at best, an average computer user. )
Long story shorter, I watched the remote session and hardly understood any of it!!! But given that, I still need to understand the situation well enough to tell a second computer on my home network how to do backups using that now-already-attached-and-seemingly-functioning MyCloud Home device.
Don’t tell me to just "http://learn.mycloud.com/ " As an analogy I used elsewhere, it’s very bad form to merely point to a 30-volume encyclopedia and just say, “The information is somewhere in there!”. This would be especially true if said encyclopedia was MISSING its Index volume!
No doubt there is a whole lot of information in http://learn.mycloud.com/ . Plenty of information. But I cannot find things there. Effectively, it seems to lack an INDEX.
How can I say something like “activate second computer to use MyCloud Home on a home network”, and actually get a useful answer?
A list of FAQs isn’t especially useful if there are hundreds of them, and they are not indexed in any intelligent fashion.

So, please, don’t just tell me what to do. Tell me how to use the documentation available, including http://learn.mycloud.com/ , to find a solution to a very specific problem that I now have.
Have you ever heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”. (unfortunately, I don’t like fish…)


Hey Jim.

I am bit confused in what you mean by get a second computer to use My Cloud Home. May be you misunderstood how MCH works. The My cloud home works similar to a external hard drive, but on your local network

If you want just copy your files to the device, there are 2 ways to access the device and copy files to it:

1 - Using browser - Just go to http://www.mycloud.com/, in the left is the mycloud home device and on the right is the regular my cloud device. Assuming that you have the My cloud HOME device you just click on the "sign in to your device. Log in with your account and you are ready to upload files to the device. Just drag and drop your files and folders from windows explorer to the browser window and it will start upload.

2 - Using wd app - Download the WD discovery desktop app for windows here. Install it and the device will be mounted on windows explorer just like and external hard drive. Than you just copy files to it. http://downloads.wdc.com/wdapp/WD-Discovery-2_1_288.zip

BUT, if you want to SETUP A BACKUP OF YOUR COMPUTER, I think that is what you misunderstood how MCH works. The WD My Cloud Home won’t setup a computer backup automatically for you. It will just be available as a destination for your backups when you set your backup ON windows OS. , So YOU will have to setup a windows backup by your self, and choose the My cloud home as the drive to store the backups… That is what I was trying to say in our last conversation.

I don’t use windows, but I found a quick tutorial on wd website that teaches how to setup a backup on windows 8 and 10 computers . It seem that “file history” is a windows built in tool that allows you setup backups on windows 8 and 10.

Take a look at this link. But again, you will have to setup this on windows, not on the MyCloud


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I will add this image for Windows 10, I have the latest Fall Creators update. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it and be able to see the complete image.

But not necessarily better. Better for those less technical perhaps, but considering the issues I have seen with Firmware upgrades by individuals posting, I like the control of the original MyCloud.

To me it appears to be more of a market push to continue to expand market share, eliminating legacy support, etc. My point is that you have a great even stellar product in MyCloud and I won’t be moving to My Cloud Home. I was going to buy more MyCloud devices as my needs grew, but if WD is no longer going to have that product line, I will start shopping for other vendors products instead.

I am a little concerned that you have no indicator to show on the device itself the status of the drives, only a power indicator? That alone is not worth the upgrade, especially on a single drive device. I’ll be sticking with the MyCloud solution I have and changing from that family of products. As I stated previously, the MyCloud product is fantastic and I am very pleased with it. Lack of control in updating the device and lack of drive status indicators so you have the ability to quickly troubleshoot a device are all things keeping me from jumping to this entirely new solution.


It is super easy on macOS to get the backup set up. I don’t even mess with my Windows 10 system as it is less than user friendly in my opinion. We purchased a Mac laptop for our daughter and have a Win10 laptop for our son. It took very little to get my daughter’s system set up and I am still having trouble with the Windows 10 system. Even at work we have more issues in configuring our Windows 10 systems than we ever had with Windows 7. Microsoft used to to have a fantastic product that worked great for backing up everything in your home, which would have worked well with a MyCloud device in the mix, but I don’t think it is as anymore. :slight_smile:

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I bought both devices. For me the new one is total ■■■■. It might have better hardware but the software is nothing if you expect a NAS. The dashboard is gone, there is no SMB or NFX support. You have to install a special driver with special software to make a network share with some strange protocol I never heart from. Files are not accessible from Windows without installing the special driver. So forget the classic network shares, forget Linux support and forget any control of network users. It is good for if you are a ■■■■■■■ smartphone user who wants to backup his facebook photos and videos.

Again it is not a NAS anymore, although it could have been since it had all the necessary hardware. For me it is off now and I’m waiting for a hack to put the old wd firmware on it cause now it is just worth nothing. Just rotting away.


I too was mislead… I bought a mycloudhome to use as a home storage where I could put all my videos and pics so me and my wife could access them on our laptops, mobile phones and from the our tv (directly or mapping the folders in Kodi). I unpacked the myCloudHome, set up an account and find out that I cannot share folders with other accounts so that we have read and write permission on the same folders and that I cannot access the drive directly but need to use a special program. The MyCloud home is at home and being used as a paperweight because that’s all it’s good for. Why would I want a 4Tb storage that can’t share files and folders (unless using a link so even worst because anyone with the link has access and not only the user I send it to). The store where i bought it does not accept returns for this kind of equipment so… any firmware that i can flash into it and make it a regular NAS? Worst product ever.


I totally agree! I am so disappointed with this product. It was very misleading to what this product is. They (WD) made it seem that this is an “upgrade” to the WD My Cloud product because of the new hardware specs. The functionality of the Cloud Home is no comparison with My Cloud. Completely different products. My dad did the smart thing and bought the My Cloud NAS after seeing what the My Cloud Home cannot do! The Auto backup feature on the Andriod My Cloud Home app works half the time and when it does, it duplicates the pictures. Hoping for a massive firmware upgrade to fix this product. I currently just use it for my PLEX server but forget playing 4K content on it.


My cloud Home have only demo version of Plex, this is not fully funcionall PLEX!!! Let everybody know and stop spreading fake news my friend also add to your list:

  • My Cloud Home cannot upload files larger than 5GB
  • My Cloud Home not syncing Google Photos properly, skipping folders etc
  • My Cloud Home not syncing with Google Drive
  • My Cloud Home Plex is very limited version of regural Plex
  • WD support does not exist, they ignoring people and their own forum!
  • WD team are not even trying to fix above problems
  • etc etc etc

Yep to all of the above. What I was saying was that the PLEX server is the only thing I use it for. I have the full version when I switch to the Plex Cloud server. This product is horrible but I’m stuck with it.

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