Difference between Ipad apps and wdmycloud.com

Hi All,

My device iw working fine so far :slight_smile:

My Question, eventhough WD has server problems, and whiel I cannot connect via wdmycloud.com, but I am able to connect ot my drive using the Ipad apps.

So does the Ipad apps not use the WD servers?

They are not cached, I just tested and everything work fine on the Ipad but not wdmycloud.com



Well both goes through the WD Servers. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the mobile application does not use WebDaV.

Please contact WD Support to see if they are able to assist you further on this case as services are coming up in some regions.

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Thanks. That is what I needed to know.

As I mentioned all my aplciations worked fine without the server problems and during the server problems, probably UK was nto mcuh affected :slight_smile: