Difference Between Essential\Elite

What’s the different between the essentials drives and the elite ones? because a 320GB essential is cheaper than the elite but the size and function is the same.

I suggest reading the other threads in the “My Passport for PC” forum to understand some of the issues.

Here are a few differences, besides the obvious (size, price):


  • Works on any computer without installing drivers
  • On first USB connect, drive letter shows up as disk drive


  • Requires special software drivers to be installed on host computer
  • On first USB connect, only drive letter shows virtual CD
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But can i unistall the program and hide the virtual cd then? because i will use the drive in differents systems to backup.

I deleted the shortcut to WD SmartWare from my Startup program group, and I can still access my Essential from Windows because the low-level drivers are still there.  I suspect that if I connected it to another computer I could  not  use it without installing the drivers.  But I’m still learning.