Died on me after 3 day!

the light stay yello to bleu that it

just bye it for christmast 3 day of use and can do nothing

Worst drive ever that i ever buy

can i restore my data on itÉÉÉ

My book live now stay yello light any thing i can do, to make it start before i return and get my money back?

If you can not access the Dashboard UI and then turn on SSH then it is best to take it back for a replacement or refund.

Thank for reply!

now the light start to bleu and go red  no more yellow

unbelivable a new produce 4 day old and lost my data on  this drive nobody test those drive before they ship

gonna get my money back no more WD for me

I guess W.D. ship thousands and it would be difficult to know when anything will fail.  Some times you find yourself unlucky.  Incidents like these can happen to anyone.  One month after I got my car one of the read door locks failed!  Got it repaired but it was not workth stressing about.

As to lost data?  It does not matter what sort of storage device anyone has…  Adopt the manta . .


As the unit is under warranty, when you send your MBL back, send WDTony a private note, that your MBL has failed after 4 days and that it’s on it’s way back.  Let him know from where it’s being sent and it’s serial number.  He can then get hold of it and send it to the development team to analyse why the fault’s occurred.

Wish I could help more.

Same problem here, and this is the second WD MBL that does it.

Obviously, this NAS drive, is capable of destroying itself, just by being turned on and sitting in the corner (literally).

Was watching a movie, streamed from the MBL, and suddenly the movie froze.

I got the yellow light, decided to take apart the unit, after trying for hours to make it work.

What i’m left with now, is a harddisk, which is constantly reading, and can’t be accessed.

The first unit i had, did the same thing, i did however get a new unit which was not a big deal back then, since i had not made critical backups.

That is not the case now, although i have a pretty new backup of the most important papers.

Next WD product, to f*ck up, was my WD Live TV.

Constant freezes, laggy playback, and even when directly connected to a NAS made by the same company (MBL), it couldnt access it, unless you reset the login info _everytime_…sometimes even that did not work, and i had to reset the box.

I came to the conclusion, that the best place to put the box, was in the trashcan…and that’s where it went.

I can honestly say that i will never buy WD again, based on my experiences so far.

This post won’t mean anything to anyone, and WD will continue to release, what i consider, flawed products… but at least i got some air