Died 2TB My Passport 0748 : 100% Active time, cannot be mount

Recently I cannot access the Disk and I tried quite a lot of different methods:

Windows Explorer: No response, the drive cannot be mount

Windows Task Manager: shows that 100% active time all the time with ripples at the disk transfer rate.

Windows Disk Managemen Tools:  Hangs Over at “Connecting to Virtual Disk Service…”

Mac: Cannot mount file, sometimes if really can mount, file names have been shown but cannot copy.

Mac Disk Manager: Cannot repair the damage…

WD Disk Smart status: normal

WD Quick check: normal

WD Full check: Perform up to 40% and hangs.

Cable changed: No difference from the aforementioned status

Is my harddisk doomed?  Any way to recover the data apart from finding those expensive recovery services?

Thanks & Regards,


Sorry to hear you can’t access your files, unfortunately the hard drive seems to be faulty. I recommend you to contact one of the data recovery partners on the WD Support page, some of them offer a free evaluation of your drive.