Didn't work for Window 7

I have an old WD external hard drive(500GB). I can’t find the exact name of the model. On the serial number label,  it seems like WD5000E035. Previously it worked great for my old computer which runs on Window XP. Recently I bought an new computer which runs on Window 7. The new computer could not read the hard drive and gave me an alert which asks me to format the drive.  I have a lot of data on the drive. I wonder how I can transfer the data to my new computer. Thanks.



If it is a older model with a FAT32 File System, then it is possible Microsoft Windows 7 will ask you to re-format the device to NTFS in order to recondition it for a Microsoft Windows 7 environment. If you still have access to the old Microsoft Windows XP system, please proceed to copy the information back to it, format the device within the new Microsoft Windows 7 system (Which will enable backwards compatibility), and then copy the files back into the unit.

If this is not possible then you may need a partition recovery software.