Did the upgrade correctly from version 03.4.01-230 into 03.05.00-327 but /dev/md1 stays on version 03.4.01-230!

/dev/md1 is not anymore a mirror of my current /dev/md0 !!
I don’t need anymore the old version in my /dev/md0 …
Can i copy the /dev/md1 into /dev/md0 ?

What specific My Cloud model do you have? Do you have a first generation or second generation My Cloud? What are you trying to do? Were you unbricking the My Cloud?

The single bay My Cloud (subject of this subforum) did not have a firmware 03.05.00-327. Do you mean firmware 04.05.00-327?

WD made a change to the firmware structure somewhere around firmware Version 04.01.00-408 (10/27/2014). It’s possible if one jumped over that to the very latest firmware that the My Cloud drive structure/format may not be correct which might cause problems. One might have to go from the 3.x firmware to the firmware Version 04.01.00-408 firmware first then possibly flash the 04.04.00-303 (9/10/2015) firmware which was the first of the WD OS 3 firmware, then flash the latest V4.x firmware.

I am using My Cloud V3.x and the update to the latest version was correctly done without problems .
Yes, I mean firmware 04.05.00-327
This version is correctly installed on /dev/sda2.
The system use RAID1 but /dev/sda1 has still the old version 03.04.01-230
cat /etc/version shows me 04.05.00-327 this is the new version
After mounting /dev/md1 i could see the the etc/version on /dev/md1is still version 03.04.01-230.
Ulefr01Cloud:/mnt# cat md0/etc/version
Ulefr01Cloud:/mnt# cat md1/etc/version

Why , I don’t want to go back to this old version and when i have problems with the new /dev/md1 ?

At some point WD changed the first gen page file size (through a firmware update) from the standard 4K used in the 3.x firmware to 64K used at some point early on in the v4.x releases. This change means one cannot use standard Linux modules and why and apt-get tends to brick the first gen My Cloud. Not sure if this may be causing the issue you are seeing, but its possible. Its why I suggested previously that you may have to upgrade firmware to an early v4.x firmware rather than jumping from the initial firmware release to to the very latest.

Sorry I am already on V4.x : V 04.05.00-327

As previously indicated you may need to do an upgrade to an interim early v4.x firmware before jumping straight to the very latest. Or you could simply try to copy /dev/md1 to /dev/md0 and see what happens. Obviously doing so prevents risks. Worst comes to worse you’d have to unbrick the My Cloud using one of the various My Cloud unbrick processes.

I think i have to copy in ssh /dev/md0 into /dev/md1 , not vice versa !
How to do ? With the dd command = 'dd if=/dev/md0 of=/dev/md1 ?

  • Will this given no problems with the UUID ?
  • Can the UUID of /dev/md0 be the same as UUID of /dev/md1 ?
  • Maybe it is better to use tar commands
    1. tar cvzf /DataVolume/shares/Public/mymd0.tgz /dev/md0
    2. mkdir /mnt/md1
    3. mount /dev/md1 /mnt/md1
    4. tar xvf /DataVolume/shares/Public/mymd0.tgz /mnt/md1
    5. umount /mnt/md1