Did she sleep!

How do I know if my drive went to sleep? I mean it would have slept at night but when I wake up in the morning I see constant blue light so I am not sure if it slept especially with people complaining of sleep issue with new firmware upgrade. Mine is 4X firmware update to 315. Also is there any where I can suggest or configure the sleep parameters. Thanks

Please use the subforum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, as there are numerous prior discussions on My Cloud sleep (or its inability to sleep), how to check how long (or little) the My Cloud is sleeping using a script via SSH, and various things/code to try and help the My Cloud sleep more.

Here are several past discussions to get you started, use the forum search to find many others:




And we are currently discussing the latest v4.x firmware’s inability to sleep in another thread. Please see the many prior sleep threads before jumping into the following thread to ask questions about sleep and the latest v4.x firmware:


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