Did PAT test corrupt my WD Passport?

Hi guys

We had someone in at my client’s offices today running PAT tests on all the electrical equipment in the office. He tested mine and I remember him on the phone talking to his support team about errors he was having.

I sat down to get to work and noticed my mac had it’s warning dialogue box open regading the unplugging of the drive. I checked it was still plugged in. Is there a way he could have ‘spiked’ it. I know nothing about PAT tests and electronics to be fair. 

My main question is how can I recover the data from my drive? Will I have to send it away and pay £400 :angry: or are there other options I can explore first?

Thanks for any help guys.



The first thing to try is a data recovery software.

There are plenty of options available online.

Not certain if the corruption was caused by the test or not.