Did not get my harddisk

dear sir / madam,

       I have sent a harddisk with RMA no. [Deleted] for replacement on dated 29/6/12 and its RMA shipping/ Receiving line ref no is [Deleted]. I have get that date from RMA status its shown it will received on dated 7/7/12 by you. its serial no is [Deleted] , Full Part no is WD3200AAJS-56M0A0. Sir i have not get my harddrive till now, its my request u to check that status and please get me information as soon as possible




This is a public fourm, and as such you should not post private RMA/Case numbers.

You state as your topic that you did not get your drive, but in your last sentence you say you did not get it till now… this is confusing. So what information do you seek?