Did not detect ssd

I bought wd blue sn570 500gb ssd for my laptop Asus Rog strix g531gd. When I inserted this SSD in my laptop and then I restart my system it will stuck windows page.
My laptop didn’t start too
But when I removed that than my laptop starts properly
This problem with SSD or my laptop port.

Hi @■■■.rabh

Please refer to the following article for further troubleshooting steps: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive:Cannot Find My WD Drive on Windows or macOS

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Your SSD may have a problem, in my opinion. The following factors might contribute to your SSD’s failure to be detected:

  1. First, confirm that the SSD is recognised by BIOS.
    Always verify that your SSD is securely attached and that the BIOS (basic input/output system) has recognised it. The software that boots your computer is called the BIOS.
  2. Make an effort to modify the SSD settings
    You might need to adjust your SSD settings if your BIOS menu does not identify the SSD. The physical interface that links the motherboard to the hard drive is the SATA controller. You might try switching the SATA controller mode if the BIOS is unable to recognise your SSD.
  3. Try to initialize the new SSD
    A new SSD must must be initialised before use after purchase.
    The Disk Management tool and File Explorer will not display an uninitialized SSD.
  4. Update the storage controller drivers if you can.
    Windows may not be detecting your SSD as a result of an outdated driver, which can also cause devices to fail.
    Try to follow all these steps , and let me know if this work for you.

WD SSD blue SA510 -WDS500G3B0A - 00AXRO- not a reliable product.

We have purchased WD BLU SSD SA 510 SATA 3.5" for our company in

We have saved all important data in these SSD , after one month these ssd are not working and detecting in computers.

We lost all important data as well as money.

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve experienced with the WD SSD Blue SA510 (WDS500G3B0A - 00AXRO). It’s indeed frustrating when a product fails to perform as expected, especially when important data is lost as a result.
it’s unfortunate to hear that the SSDs you purchased for your company failed after just one month of use. Hardware failures can occur for various reasons, and it’s important to reach out to the manufacturer’s customer support to address this issue. They may be able to provide guidance on potential solutions or warranty options.

It’s also a good practice to regularly back up important data to minimize the risk of data loss in case of hardware failure or other unforeseen circumstances.

I hope you are able to find a satisfactory resolution to this situation.

I have been a big fan of WD drives for years. I have mechanical drives that continue to work after years. Yet I have had several SA510 drives fail after a short time of usage. The instructions provided do not make sense in the context that these drives were perfectly setup and functioning but suddenly stopped working. Unlike Mechanical drives the expectation is that SSDs given that there are no real mechanical parts should not only outperform but also outlast their mechanical counter parts. The SA510 is indeed an unreliable product. And unfortunately I will be looking for other manufactures hence forth. I know it is unfair to do this based on a single product… but peoples data is very important and it is not worth the expense, time and risk.
Very disappointed… and disappointed in this dodgy response.

I have just had one of these 500gb drives fail in a staff laptop - the same model you list. There is no reason for the failure. The laptop was not dropped or hit, it looks pristine. But the SSD, after just 1 year and 2 weeks, now is not detected in the laptop. No clues as to what is wrong. I’ve removed and re-attached it, had the laptop without all forms of power (including removing the internal batter), and nothing has brought this drive back.
If we start losing a bunch of these (we bought 10 last year!) there is going to be hell to pay WD. This is not acceptable.

So I went to the WD website itself and opened a chat with the Tech agent there. After just a few moments, providing them the model and serial number, and what is wrong… the guy dropped the connection. He had no answers. No help. And 15 minutes later, it still says I am #1 in the queue and that the system is searching for an agent.