Did I lost everything?

Needed to upgrade my 2 x 4TB (RAID 1) drives because it was FULL. So I backup my 2 drives on a UBS external DRIVE. (the backup failed but I never saw this message because I simply connect, and it automatically start the backup).

Then I install the 2 new 6TB and put it in (RAID 1). Formating was successful.

Try to restore, but now I see that the backup was a fail.

I put back my 2 old 4TB that I just removed to try to backup again. 2 red lights appeared after a while. It said that I had to do a RAID roaming. So I click NEXT. Light turn blue.

The drives are empty. Where did everything went?

How can I get to see all the files in my 2 drives that are suppose to be full?

NOTE: Same WD ex2, same everything. No computer change, nothing.

Thank you soooo much in advance. I have all my life on these drives. Picture and video family and all my projects)

I’m so sorry.

I’m not a specialist but maybe this links could help you:

I hope so.

Best regards



No, this does not help me because I don’t have any red light or any error messages.

Ok, but it would able to help if you can’t find your files inside your NAS at last.

I recommend you to contact with wd support.


OK, I just did. :slightly_smiling_face: