Did I just broke a brand new WD7500BPKX?

Hello, guys.

I have a small problem with a brand new WD7500BPKX.

I bought it yesterday to replace a smaller and slower WD3200BPVT in my X230T tablet.

The first thing I did was to hibernate the laptop, turn it upside down, take out the old drive and install the new drive. The X230T doesn’t really accomodate a 9.5mm HDD, it kind-of scrapes the labels off when you install it, but once the HDD goes in, it fits snuggly and doesn’t have any problems like wiggling or anything, altough it requires a pair of rubber pads on the side.

The operation went well, the HDD was recongnized in BIOS and it didn’t produce any unusual sounds or anything; so everything went well. Except it scraped the labels off a bit on both sides which was normal (the old drive has the same issue).

I went on by removing the new brand new HDD, put back the old one, and resumed from hibernate. Downloaded and installed the custom Acronis, set to back-up everything, jacked in the USB-SATA controller and hooked it up to an external PSU. Everything went ok to this point. Acronis asked for a reboot, then started copying everything from the old one to the new one.

After about 1 hours and a half, the new drive started to buzz up and gave up. The progress bar stuck and the cursor froze. I restarted manually, unplugged the drive, and now everytime I hook the new drive to the PSU, it buzzes weirdly, then buzzes again in a different tone 5 more times, then gives up. 

I’m using the blue WD3200BPVT of 250GB, just as thick, but it didn’t break or anything, so it still works. And when I installed it, I followed the exact same procedure.

My question now is, did I do anything wrong?

Is there something I can do to get a replacement or anything?

Should I do something or just call it bad luck?

Normally I’d get this back to the store, but doubt they’re going to accept it back now that the labels are scraped. 

I’m also attaching some pictures of the new drive, and a video.

You have to turn the volume up to actually hear the buzzing.

Thank you.



Pictures of scraped off labels:

Hi well just to confirm as I can not really see this but. You mean you did not power down the tablet and remove the battery to change the hard drive, sorry to ask this but you where not very clear about it.

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I did remove the battery, I also unplugged the power cord and the rest of the cables, they were in the way anyway as I needed to flip the tablet bottoms up to open the HDD bay. 

The replacement was done the way it was supposed to. I care about hardware.

I’m just not sure whether I should buy a new HDD (and send this one to WD) or should I just stick with the slim one.

Hi well on that answer I do not think you caused any malfunction in the drive, labels scraped a bit should not matter and you should have no problem with a RMA. I checked but it seems only the mobile blue series has ultra thin. If the black fits tight I would give another one a try. If the old drive is the same size and worked OK I do not see why the black wont. The labels really have nothing to do if the drive buzzes or not and WD are quite good with RMAs. You can start the RMA from here.  http://support.wd.com/warranty/index_end.asp?lang=en  . Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the info and links. That’s really helpful. 

By the way, on RMAs, from what I understand I’m supposed to ship the broken HDD to WD and, if I’m not at fault, receive a replacement. 

Do you also happen to know if there’s a way to get an official go-ahead from WD? 

Might be this-might be that is not a problem for me, but it’s just that sometimes some manufacturers don’t complicate and prefer to say “terms are terms”… and with a scratched label, it would be enough of a reason to decline replacing it. 

This would save me the trip to the PO, the shipping costs, and the embarassment.

Thanks agian.

WD’s terms and conditions do state that the label can’t be marked or damaged. I would call our Tech Support and check with them. If they are able to replace it, depending on the damage in your pics, they may be able to help you.

A note on your drive. If there is pressure on the top cover of the drive it can damage the drive. The drive tops are the thinnest part of the drive and if it bows in, it can damage the internal components.

Contact Tech Support


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Hey there.

Thanks for the message.

Ok so HDDs have a soft spot topside… it makes sense, although it seems pretty rigid as it is.  

I opened the case and waiting for a reply.

Thanks again.

Kudos’d everyone.

Still no reply on the case…

Does it usually takes this long? Just asking.

Response times are ususally within a day or two. I’m guessing you send an e-mail? How did you submit your request and did you check to see if a reply went to junk mail?

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Oh, allright.

I’ve opened a support ticket through  https://westerndigital.secure.force.com/CaseVF?id=500U000000BuBoFIAV&nooverride=1