Did i get a dead HDD?

So to cut to the chance, i RMA a WD Caver Black 1TB HDD 3 times, and all the 3 HDD that i got did not get detected under my UEFI(bios). I checked to see if SATA ports were the problem but nope. I have an SSD (Kingston Hyper X) that is the only drive that gets detected everytime along with an Optical Drive that also get detected, on all of the SATA3 ports. I used different cables on the SSD as well to see if any cable were messed up but nope. All the cables and SATA port are good.

So why is it that out of the 3 HDD that i RMA, none of them get detected?

The motherboard is an Asrock Extreme4 Z77. Under the Dr.Debug, i get an A6 which means SCSI detect. << Only get that if i have the SSD connected. If i dont i get A9, which is Start of Setup.

Well, three defective drives??? I think that’s not possible. WD test all the units before they go out.

Check your motherboard for any updates available… Also make sure that it supports a 1TB unit. That might be the issue

Did all the updates available. Nothing on my mannual talks about how much it supports but this is a Z77 mobo, and new mobo all should be able to support 1 TB.

I’ll be testing it with a SATA to USB this week. If the computer can’t reconize it when i put it in the reader, i can say that it’s dead.

I’m having the same issue. I have a BIOSTAR Tz77b mobo and I can’t get this hdd to be recognized in disk management. However, it is in device manager as well as in the bios. weird? Any help anyone?

Yea same for me. When i go to Device Manager, under IDE ATA controllers i see My SSD connected and then there is ATA Channell. 0 and ATA Channel 1. My 2 HDD are connected to SATA 0 and SATA 1 so could that mean the HDD are detected actually but somehow not showing up in UEFI or anywhere…

I say 2 HDD because i have 2 “dead” HDDs from RMA.


Did you test the drives in a different computer?

I dont have any other desktops to test the HDD out on. Just a Macbook and Asus laptop which i’m going to use to test out the HDD when i get the SATA to USB

Ok guys, so the HDD is NOT dead. I got my SATA to USB reader and it detected the HDD. I initialized the HDD and assigned it a drive letter.

Now however, when i connected it to the mobo, in the UEFI, it does not detect it nor does it show in Disk managment… What gives? It shows when i connected it by the SATA to USB but now it doesnt show it when i connect it to the Mobo?

I’m thinking it has something to do with the SATA ports on the mobo but my SSD gets read in all of the SATA ports :confounded:

Pic: i.imgur.com/RjUiK.jpg
As you can see, the 1TB HDD is there, but only when connected thru the SATA to USB

Never found soulition. Probley problem with motherboard. Just use a 512GB SSD now as SSD are only things that get detected.

Had same issue awhile back newer mb.  Cleared the CMOS and good to go.  Sometimes the cmos gets corrupted or if you have it setto fast boot some mb just boot with what was stored in cmos memory.  Good Luck.