(Diagram inside) can i use my WDTV to give my smart tv internet access

picture pretty much sums up my question… i want to be able to browse the web on my TV without havign to buy some $40 dongle… can i use my WDTV Live… SMP that is connected to the internet wirelessly to give my TV internet by connecting an ethernet cable from my WDTV to the back of my TV…

thx in advance


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Your proposed network won’t achieve an internet connection for your TV.  Try this instead.  Install a wireless router configured as a wireless bridge and plug both your Smart TV and your WDTV SMP to it. I use a spare Linksys router with dd-wrt firmware to allow wireless bridge configuration back to my main home router.  The CAT6 cable you have going to your WDTV SMP would plug in to the wireless bridge and the bridge would replace the wireless dongle I assume you’re using now.  With this configuration you could network several devices such as a DVR, DVD player, XBOX, etc.