Diagnostics fail


I have couple of weeks old My Book Studio, 1TB, that sometimes loses connection with the computer resulting to inresponsive Finder until the drive is plugged off and and on again. Additionally both Quick Drive Test and Complete Drive Test fail, and last lines of the system.log shows the following:

WD SmartWare[8312]: State byte vlaue = 74

WD SmartWare[8312]: ********* GetDiskLogSenseData

I’m using the drive with MacMini via FireWire. Does anyone have any idea if there is anything I can do to diagnose the drive further or should I just intiate RMA?

Thanks in advance,



Try this:

a. back up all data from the WD MyBook Studio to your local Mac hard disk drive.

b. format the WD MyBook Studio. If you need help on how to format it please follow this link


After finish formatting the WD MyBook studio drive, run the diagnostic again. it should work fine.