Diagnosis Test Failed Out Of Box

Got a brand new My Passport Ultra 2TB today and it was acting up right out of the box. First transfer worked fine, and then the second returned a Error 0x80070079. Tried different ports, some stuff would get through, some returns the error. Ran the WD Utility Diagnosis test on two separate machines and both the Quick and Complete test failed quickly. It seems as though the data I transferred is still accessible.

There are a few other quirky things it’s doing. Transfers would go along fine, then suddenly dip to 0 and stay there, before eventually picking back up. On one machine, when a transfer would fail, it would lock up and I’d have to remove the drive on restart in order for it to do anything.

Tried on Windows 7 OS and Windows 10 OS.

Did I just get a bad drive here? This is my first hd purchase.

These things happen for any number of reasons - it could have been a bad drive or it could have gotten shaken around during transport or knocked off the shelf at a store (just to name a few examples) The easiest thing to do is to take it back to the place of purchase and exchange it for another one. If you can’t do that for whatever reason, if it’s in warranty (it should be if you purchased it today) you can always RMA it.

Have you tried with a different USB cable to make sure the cable isn’t the issue?

Thank you for the quick response.

I did try an alternate cable as well to no avail.

Should be a quick fix as I got it through Amazon.