DHCP Client Table

Once I unplug or shutdown my wired device or disconnect my wireless device or go out of the wireless range of any of the Western Digital My Net family routers would that disscounted device stay or disappear on the DHCP Client Table and if it does disappear would it be like I never connected the wired or wireless device in the first pace and the DHCP server (which is in the router) won’t remember the device when it is ready to gave out new IP address to the current contected devices when the lease time is up?

Hello, the disconnected device will not show on the client table, once the device reconnecs the My Net will assing an IP from the pool of available IP’s. 

Depends on the lease time. If the DHCP lease time is high – e.g., 2+ days – it’ll still show until that lease time has expired and the device has not reconnected to renew the lease prior to lease expiration.