DHCP Client Table list shows 11 out of 12 items, 6 out of 7 wireless items

I just got my new My Net N900 router in order to support faster cable internet speed from Cox.  It is increasing from 25 mbps nominal, 32 actual, to 50 nominal, 65 actual according to Cox speed test.  I have all my wired (4) and wireless (9) items working, but a USB wireless dongle used for my Fronius (Solar System) data logger is working but not on the list.  I set up 11 items manually, but could not input the wireless network device from Fronius because I don’t have its MAC address.  And because it doesn’t show, I can’t discern it from the list.  I called support and [Deleted] suggested resetting to factory defaults.  Sounds like I would then have to input my 12 attached items again.  I input them manually in order to prevent IP address conflicts, and it has worked so far.  Any suggestions?

Hi, have you tried to check the wireless dongle manual to see if you can find the Mac address?