DeVicious Gallery Theme 1.8 Beta (Nov 6th)




GET MY NEW THEME “BLACK MAMBA” (Release Date March 25th)

COMPATIBLE WITH FIRMWARE VERSIONS 2.06.10 - RECENT (yes even the new one)

There has been some major changes since the last upload, the Gallery View is better, Thumbnails are easier to read, More views have been added, the entire feel of the themse has been brightend up. This is the last Beta Version before the final release, there is still lots of work to do, however I am quite happy with the way it is so far even when it is far from being perfect, most important it is created in the recent Firmware which means it should work for anyone with formware 2.06.10 +

_ I have renamed the theme to DeVicious Gallery Theme because it was impossible to credit all the modders this theme is based on in the title, their credits are now in the home screen which honors them everyday when you turn on the Live Hub. _

 Here is the download (37MB) and the screenshots, unfortunately still in bad quality since shot with my iPhone4s

DOWNLOAD HERE (from November 6th)

DeVicious Galler Theme 1.8 Beta

DeVicious Thumbgen Templates v2

Demo Folders (Movie Sheets & TV Episode Sheets & TV Episode )Thumbnails

Folder Icons (Optional)

Screenshots for proper Thumbgen Options

Common Folder for Thumbgen (only download if you don’t have it)


New Features:

Improved Gallery View

New Preview View

New Large Thumbnail View

New List View

New Video Run

New Audio Run

New Audio List View

New Focus Buttons

New Movie Sheets

New Episode Thumbnails

New Home Screen Design

New Main Buttons

New Background Images for individual Views

and a lot more… Online Services remain untouched.


01 Home Screen

01 Movie Sheet

01 TV Sheet


01 Big Thumbs

01 Preview Mode

01 Audio Select



i forgot to mention that I am running it without Library on since i find it highly annyoing but it works with library as well of course


Thanks DeVicious, Keep up the good work…Alway Great to see a new theme.


what moviesheet trick you use? backdrop type or  aeonish theme trick?


that’s cool


@ Dimitar

I am genuinely sorry but I am really a noob and wouldn’t even know what you are referring to when you say “trick” :smiley: Sorry :slight_smile:

I based this theme on the Anodized 3.24.05 XL and the ExtremeMix Sheet 3.0, i have copied Exrteme Digitals files into the Andodized folder and from there i started changing minor things like the buttons, deleted the metainfo from the gallery.xml and made the cover item that would appear in the middle with this theme transparent

The backdrops in Gallery View are generated by Thumgens new version that allows to store files locally and puts the path into the filename.xml file.

From all I know at this point it is the only way to load backdrops without dummy files and without library on.

(i could be totally wrong, lol)


 I hope that did answer the question, I am more than happy to upload my thumbgen template and profile file,

I just finished to mod the “Lstar_Alucard_Mod_Split-Sheet_Movie (FullFan)(CoverBox)” for TV Episodes since the version they offered was without a proper cover and episode information, I replaced the tag line with the actual episode title and just to keep track how far I am into the season I have added the season and episode numbers, thought it was a cool thing to have



Here a quick download (226kb) for the Tv Episode Sheet and the profile for Thumbgen



i understand!

but is the load of moviesheet slow? ti me it takes up to 5 sec.


it takes round about 2 seconds when loaded the first time, after running it the second time it seems to be in the cache (lol again i could be wrong)


The backdrops are done using a method that was discovered in Firmware 2.06.10 + by author: justmeme

Subsequently, the Local Xml Sheet reference feature was then added to Thumbgen.

The delay time for the backdrops is controlled by the ‘Photo Slideshow’ feature on the Hub.


Settings > Photo Settings > Slideshow Interval Time (3 Seconds) > Slideshow Transition (Fade) > Slideshow Sequence (Repeat All)


Thank you Joey,

I didn’t even think about the slide show settings, i always thought one day i would find code to turn it off completely.

Re: the local backdrops, I didn’t know it was just found out that recently, i used it this way since i started experementing since many of the fanart images were low res i wanted to have control over it, until a week ago i had manually replace the links with the local path :smileyvery-happy:

Edit: for some reasons I don’t have a “fade option” since I am using one sheet per media file i have chose “replace” and now it is brilliant :slight_smile: thanx so much for the advice!


I am starting to get more comfortable with things and made some major changes since the old style was kinda boring, this is the first mockup of the new look, it will be a little bit Sin City sytle which i think is a nice way to go for. The Movie Sheets remain the same for now, it looks like I have a working beta version for Video Gallery View on Sunday

please let me know what you think, criticism is welcome


sorry for the lame quality, it’s shot with my iPhone and also compressed, the emulator won’t work on Windows 7 (64 bit) I’ll figure something out on the weekend



Funny enough i did a little theming earlier today on my orginal extrememix 3.0 theme…

Nothing special i had to install a Hub for a friend so i decided to make compatible with the new firmware and new way of local moviesheets…

You can say that your theme kinda inspired me…

What i see so far is excellent keep up the great work


I like it too!  :)

Just brilliant!


OMG :dizzy_face: 

I really feel honored since it was your themes that got me into the whole process. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The hardest part has begun for me now, the gallery video view is fine now, I like it, the problem is all the other views based on the xml files i grabbed myself, I don’t really care for the other views since there are a lot better themes for that as mine, I supposed i could simpy deactivate the views I don’t want… is that correct?

Started digging into the whole music thing which I personally, having said that I don’t like what WD is offering for music file and started doing my own page, i disregared nearly anything that was in the xml and launched my own idea through several include files, the first mp3 file would trigger a graphical sheet with a list of songs which I am trying to make a menu by using transparent buttons, the activate/mouse over track will have a red layer on top, it works but is completely inaccurate and on top of that i need to find a program to generate the sheets, lol cannot do it by manually.

Thanx Cool Dude to you too, i really appreciate it


Alrighty here we go :stuck_out_tongue:

first out of many uploads of my internal beta 1.03


please be aware that at this state the theme exclusively works for VIDEO GALLERY VIEW

everything else works too but looks awful.

I have changed the quick change icons, some of the dashboard symbols/category symbols, got rid of a few things I didn’t like etc…

This theme works best if you use the category thumbnails, i have a whole bunch included plus a blank png file for your own categories I haven’t thought of yet, please request a thumbnail in this thread I will deliver asap.


I have included 3 templates for movie sheets

  1. Movies

  2. TV Shows

  3. TV Show Thumbs

please have a look in the read me file in which order to process the TV shows to get a result with individual TV Show Thumbs. I created these thumbs on the weekend and have them running on my WDTV Live Hub and it is way more comfortable to browse even when the font will be bigger in the final version

This is how the TV Movie Sheets and Thumbnails look like


as always critique and suggestions are welcome, happy testing :slight_smile:


Congrats !!! really amazing work…

I look foward to seeing where you will take your theme.

PS see i also released my recent update (hope you like it)… But i expect you to push your theme further than mine…


i didn’t know you updated further than 3.0 i will most definately get it later this evening :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks Devicious

Is it possible to upload a  sample folder with just a few movies( i find this the easiest way for noobs like myself to figure out how to do it )

 I get an error extracting , i get most of the files but see no thumbgen profiles or copy to instructions.


Hi DeVicious, not a major update on my part… i just made it more compatible with the latest firmware…

Also i adapted my original moviesheet trick to use the local backdrops method…However i prefer to have the moviesheet on top of the other icons instead of the background so i moved the code in the xml…

Hope you like it… Anyways back on track i think your work on your theme is really good…