Device URL blocked as an attack

I’ve got a My Cloud EX4100 that I’m trying to get re-setup after moving to a new house. I have my 4100 powered on and plugged into the network but when I try to go to the device URL (wdmycloudEX4100), Norton pops up with a warning that an attack was blocked. The specific attack is listed as “Web Attack: Rig Exploit Redirection 13” and it identifies (, 80) as the attacking computer. Also, the webpage that displays doesn’t look familiar and has an address of http://ww25.wdmycloudex4100 com/. I’m not about to click any of the links on it.

I have no idea what is causing this but it’s preventing me from setting up my storage. I can get to the mycloud website just fine but because the NAS isn’t set-up, mycloud can’t see it.

Any help would be appreciated.