Device reset

hi there,

been having all sorts of annoying problems over the past few monthes with my player, i could not eject the hdd connected to the front usb, all i got was the spinning circle of death and i then found that after removing the hdd (by turning off the player and removing the cable,) once i reconnected the hdd the player would not recognise it and i would have to access it through files on the home page, not video as i would usually do, this could go on for ages and then suddenly the hdd would “reappear” under video again, just annoying little problems but still a pain in the butt, many times the metadata would not appear and i would have to do it manually etc etc

Then i thought, lets do a device reset and bingo, back to working beautifully as it previously was

Reconnecting to the network and redoing my prefered settings is no big deal, the only hassle is that you will lose your bookmarks but again, no big deal

worth a try if you are at your wits end


Thanks for sharing.