Device reboots after 'get info' on 2.07.17

Help - upgraded last night and now the hub re-boots everytime I try to get info.


I have the same problem since I updated to the latest firmware. With the menu language set to English, the function “Get Content Info” works verry good like it should. With the new firmware I’m able to set the language to Dutch and when I try

the same in Dutch then the device reboots. So with the latest firmware in English everything is working, but in Dutch the “Get Content Info” reboots the device everytime. Seems to be a problem in the language file, probably the link to the site where to get the info is not set right in the Dutch language and maybe also in other languages. Is there someone who can look into this problem? Thanks.

Got the same problem when I choose norwegian the same thing happens wd is just re booting.

I can’t reproduce this with SPANISH.

Please tell me WHEN it reboots?  What’s the LAST thing you’ve done when it reboots?

How are you naming your files. It used to reboot the device if the file names had odd characters in them.

Last thing is the screen goes blank straight after the “Get Info” button is pressed.


Just plain alphabetic characters, nothing weird, no underscores. I have changed nothing, the previous firmware (which I’ve gone back to) works fine. Its definitely this release.


Did your firmware upgrade COMPLETELY? 

My device also reboots after ‘get info’ on 2.07.17 using Norwegian language. Using English it dosn’t reboot.

No other language tested. So nice having the Norwegian option, hoping for a fix soon…

Just wanna say that I got the same problem after upgrade with Swedish language. 


It’s definitely something with the new languages in the latest firmware. As I can read in the other posts, it happens with the Dutch, Norwegian and Swedisch language and they are all new since this release. It has nothing to do with file naming or anything else, becausse with the language set to English it works fine. I’m happy to have the Dutch support at last, only this problem is not so fine. Now I first change the language to Englisch when I have put some new movies on the disk, then I use the option “Get content info” and when everything is updated then I set the menu language back to Dutch. Not the best solution, but it’s the only one that works… 

Yeay it seemed to. Went thru the steps (wired connection), took a bit longer than it has before, ame back on and everything looked ok, except for this problem. Weird!

For me it’s the same, in Dutch the Hub re-boots when i use the Get Info option.


Only thing to do is to rollback to english version… No biggy, think i’ll survive a couple of extra months with it… When I first changed it to swedish I didnt understand a thing?? Had big problem with the translation from Eng -> Swe.


Swedish for me is the sam problem, i also get that i have an incomplete update ov 2.07.17 but its pretty impossible to make it complete

Same [Deleted] here rebboting when I try to get content info from internet. Using Portuguese PT language. 

Would be great if WD contrated proper programmers!  

Confirmed in Hungarian. In English it works fine.

Anything new or is the thread dead?!

I think you need to keep using ‘English’ to use this feature untill WD releases a new firmware in which this bug and the screensaver/audio bug is fixed.

Thanks for your feedback.

This issue is resolved in firmware that we’re currently testing.