Device page not opening

I have MY Cloud 6 TB and it was working fine. After few days I tested it by adding and removing the data and it unable to complete content scan even after 4 days from data dump (approx. 200 GB) complete.

Yesterday I added new MY Cloud to my Network and received popups that firmware being updated. I was able to access both My Cloud pages separately. I went out for couple of hours and then previous MY Cloud was un accessible not even from mobile but its accessible from Windows Explorer.

After that I opened the MY Cloud desktop app and it shows only 1 device which was newly added.

In Addition some how new windows came showing firmware upgrade which stopped in 2nd step saying device not found.

Can anyone help what is wrong here?

Need urgent help as if there is issue with compatibility then I have to return devices before 29th Feb as valid time for return

Did you give the second (new) My Cloud a different name when initially setting it up? If both My Cloud devices have the same name the local network may be getting confused on how to access one or both.

You should be able to access both My Clouds by their IP address. For example use in the web browser. You would use the correct IP address for your My Cloud.

There was no option when I opened Web page for new device. But on mobile it
shows mycloud and mycloud#1.

Both devices were accessible using different ip.

But suddenly first one got inaccessible and there is no way to update the

I did rename one drive which was accessible via webpage and reset the router by powering it off and restarted laptop too.

After laptop restarted, both drive pages were accessible and allowed me to log in. So I thought to refresh both pages and again same issue came first drive page not loading, drive not listed in MY Cloud desktop app