"device offline"

What happened? It just randomly went offline?

Yes, random offline

Holy moly…

The problem with these devices is that you have no insight into the device’s status and what the device is currently doing (besides that led light with multiple behavioral meanings, which mean nothing and are basically useless, let’s be real). (Connecting, rebuilding RAID, etc…).

There should be some clear indicator within the software that will tell you if there is some kind of a problem with the device, + you should be able to connect to the device even offline (when connection to the internet is down).

I am considering purchasing a second My Cloud Home device (Duo this time), to give the device second chance, but now I am really unsure if i want to store all of my data on such an unreliable piece of hardware, which you have no control over…

Take notes @WD Staff.

This is exactly the condition I am having. Recently installed Chromecast and wondering if that could be related, but took Chromecast off the network and nothing changed. Looks like there is no way to connect WD home directly to my PC since the app mycloud.com/hello doesn’t include any option to set static IP address. Anyone know if the hard disc be removed from the unit?

Same issue is seen to me.
My devices is offline for 3 days, I have tried everything I can think of …Nothing changes.

I have contacted the support, no feedback yet.

Do we have any work-around?


I have had this problem since last year.

my drive has been “updating” or “offline” for over 2 months now. this happens every time after they “migrate my data”.

I don’t understand how this is ok…

Yes - two months is about the same as me.
My iPad has received an update within the last couple of days.
So I’m hoping they have done a “fix” - fingers crossed :uk::joy:

Hey Folks…This is the final straw that broke the camels back!
WD has REALLY gone down hill. At one time, they were my Go To for HDD. Now, they have changed to a proprietary Android File system (KDDFS), where you can no longer retrieve your lost data due to the controller board failure on the MYCLOUD drives. You have to send it in to the tune of $400 to have data retrieved. Screw that! Done with WD and their ■■■■. Moved to Synology and using Seagate drives. Little bit more money up front but file system is standard RAID, VERY east to setup, no WEIRD proprietary file system and file structure to try to circumvent so you can still use PLEX or Acronis or any other software you have been using but now cant because you are stuck with a proprietary file structure. You now have a redundancy, so NOTHING is lost. Sorry WD. You have lost another customer.