Device Offline; Share not accessible AGAIN

Why am I still dealing with this stupid issue?

Over a year later, multiple firmware upgrades, fresh reboot on my EX4 and locally browsing files to ensure it’s not in sleep mode or inactive…  I’m still randomly getting the “Device Offline; XXXXX not accessible” messages.

Who else is still having this same Device Offline issue when trying to access their MyCloud storage remotely?

I have always had full faith in WD as a hard drive manufacturer, but that is where I draw the line. Their ability to produce any sort of actual working product outside of basic hard drives is beyond their capability. They simply do not have the resources to support the devices they are releasing and should cease immediately. The only reason I haven’t sent back my EX4 already and demanded a complete refund is because I really don’t have the time to deal with migrating the massive amount of data I store to another brand device at this time.

Dear WD, are you satisified with a forum full of problems and no solutions? Are you satisfied knowing your customers are mainly unhappy and feel neglected not only with actual solutions to our problems, but mainly in the lack of a simple response? Are you satisified knowing you have an entirely new product line that is nothing but a massive failure? Are you satisfied knowing each and every firmware update (with the exception of CPU at 100% patch) only causes more problems and limitations for your customers instead of resolving the problems and expanding the features? Are you satisified knowing your only real solution to anyones problems is telling them to power cycle their device and RMA’ing the device if you can’t determine the true problem?  You should be ashamed of yourselves. In countries like Japan, workers take great pride in their work and commit suicide when they know they failed themselves and their company.  If only WD took the same pride in their products and services.

This forum is a great tool that could be used productively to solve problems for everyone. Staff could easily post the solutions to the many common problems we encounter so that the next customer can easily fix any issue at hand.  Instead they point us to email and phone support where we encounter support staff that can’t seem to provide consistent answers. One support member tells you the problem is definitely “A” and the next support member tells you the answer is definitely “B”. I’ve spoken to multiple tiered staff members regarding the same issues over and over and after a solid year I still cannot get my EX4 to function as intended.

Do you realize how embarrassing it is to add a family member or friend to my cloud so they can share personal videos or pictures and they encounter the same “Device Offline” message that I get and cannot access my data/media? I’m not even embarrassed, YOU should be embarrassed.  I have officially washed my hands of you. I’m tired of your amateur WD staff and inability to build a working product.  If it wasn’t for the hard drives you produce that drive your revenue, you would all be out of a job.

Do not forward this to support and do not attempt to call me please. You have had over a year to help me fix the only real problem I’m having, to access MY own data at MY own convenience. Not when the stupid EX4 and MyCloud app decide to grant me access.[Deleted]

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Hello Jumpman,

I believe that your best option is to reach out to support.

WD Contact info: