Device offline on mac but accessible online

Hi there,
I have a weird issue
I have a My Cloud Home Duo, and it was working fine for the past few months.
Last week it stopped working on my mac BUT I have access on on that same mac and iphone
but I can’t access it through my Mac as a drive… so I can’t watch any movie
I checked the router, everything is working
I changed the ethernet cable, the plug…
I need help

are you signed into your my cloud home account in WD discovery? Have you tried rebooting the computer? after reboot does WD discovery show you signed into your my cloud home account?

Yes, I’m signed into my cloud home account, rebooted a few times and it says I signed into my account

I share your fate. Interesting: Logging in at I have access to my device. Not through WD Discovery. And, even more strangely, the - correct - username and pw are invalid at which is the other access point through a web interface that is being offered when you click on “my device is not being supported” in the WD Discovery prompt. I have the impression that simply WD has problems with their databases. Not good if you specialise in data backup and access.