Device offline message

i have recently purchased a WD My Cloud 2Tb unit, installed easily but has now started going offline and i am unnable to access from any device laptop or ipad/phone.

The only resolve is to power down and reboot.

Any ideas appreciated.

Make sure you are on the latest firmware … you can download it from WD and do a Manual Update.

Then check out to solve your disconnect issue.

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Thanks for this, I am on the most recent firmware.

I will have a read at the link you have provided, ufortunatley i have a pretty basic knowege of router configuration etc so may have to seek assistance on this, i would have hoped the device worked fine with DCHP.

DCHP works on some systems and others have to use Static IP’s. I think it depends on you network configuration and router you have. I have mine on DCHP and it works flawlessly, But the IP never changes no matter what devices I add or remove. Also I use the MAC address for the IP connection as an “accepted device” for all devices … not sure if that makes a difference or not but it is how my network is setup.