Device not Recognized My Book Essential WDBAAFxxxxHBK

Hello all,

I have a new laptop with windows 7 on it. My previous laptop was a Windows XP machine and that was the machine I had originally installed the external drive on and had put some backup on that device. I am guessing I cannot restore anything to my Windows 7 laptop but that is not really the issue. When I plug the device into the new laoptop I get the message:
Unkown USB Device

I downloaded the device driver from the Western Digital download site and installed it. I even rebooted my laptop but I am still getting the error.  Help is appreciated… Note, I can see the device driver in “add/remove programs” in control panel.

I have the same problem mate since i have rebooted to factory setting my pc doesnt find the drive, i have downloaded everything i can from the wd website still nothing i have even emailed WD about this with no reply, i cant remember if i got a disc with my drive, i use to just plug my drive into pc and i was up and running but not now

If anyone knows what download i need please email me the details to my drive is a 1.5 tb model number WDBAAH0015HCH-00, thanks and regards ken

Make sure your USB drivers and controlers are all up to date. Also check on the manufacturers’s site for any software updates.