Device NOT powering up. Power indicator blinking

When I connect the WD Live to the power, the power indicator on the device is blinking. On the TV screen, I am getting only “WD HD Live”. Nothing else is happening beyond this point. My remote is working fine but no action on the screen.

I tried changing the power adapter to 12V 2Amp, where as preferred is 12V 1.5Amp. Please help to resoter my device.

Is it blinking the SOS pattern?  (Three short, three long, three short, etc.)  If so, it’s a hardware failure that can’t be “restored.”

If not, and it’s just a steady blink, then what model number do you have?   The devices this forum discusses don’t blink like that when power is applied.

It is steady blinking only.  P/N - WDBAAN0000NBK-00, S/N [Deleted] 9, MAC: 00:90:A9:75:A9:C0

Ok, forget what I said about the SOS pattern… your device has failed.

Per the manual: