Device Not in My Computer

I’ve got a Passport, [Deleted-Privacy]. I’ve followed almost all of the steps listed in but still can’t get the thing to work. I’ve tried different ports, different cable etc. I can feel the drive moving when it’s plugged in, and all the lights work, but I can’t access it. I tried opening all the crappy WD software, and got told to “Attach a supported WD drive”. I then tried to uninstall crappy WD app (WD Security, WD Backup, WD Quickview), and get an error message, saying “This programme might not have uninstalled correctly”, and it didn’t. Windows seems to think the uninstaller isn’t compatible with my system, which is terrific.

I’ve got a Windows 10 PC, fully updated.

Basically, I need helping getting the drive working, help uninstalling, and then potentially help getting rid of all the data off the drive so I can throw it out and never use WD again.


I recommend you contact WD support for assistance with this.