Device not compatible with Firmware

So I have been trying to rollback my firm to 2.04.13 with absolutely no success. I can roll back to different firms but nothing from 2.04.13 or earlier. It says

“The Firmware you are attempting to install is not compatible with this hardware. Please check for the correct firmware to use with this hardware”

I have been using the link provided on these forums so definately not getting it from some other website. 

Any ideas ? My hardware is fairly new and have been wanting to run the Aoenish theme. 

Is your WD player definitely a Live Hub and did you get the firmware from the official link below.

More details required of your player and the current firmware loaded on it.

Yup, Definately the live hub. The earliest firmware I have been able to revert to is 2.05.08 from that page.

If there is anything else you need to know I will let you know. Been running aoenish hub beta with no issues on a new firmware but his final release calls for 2.04.13 as there is no newer menu mod.