Device not being remapped when I start windows

I recently purchased a 2tb mybooklive and it seems to be working fine and I have it mapped in mycomputer but sometimes when I turn on my computer I am unable to access it .

I find the only way to access it is to shut it down , restart it and then restart my laptop and then remap the drive.

this is somewhat frustrating - is this because the device has went in to standby? (as it’s still at the default setting)

Thanks for any help

Hi there! What if you manually map it, make sure that “reconnect at logon” is checked and disable to sleep timer on the drive? o.o

I’m having the same issue on one of my computers,   My wired desktop, see’s the drive mapped, but its asking for user id and pass.   I have selected it to save this information but then it doesn’t after being rebooted.

My laptop has the drive mapped and never needs to be retyped with user id or password.

I also have the My Book lIve 2tb

I sometimes delete the mapping and then redo it.

I have now disabled sleep mode but it’s still happening now and then although doesn’t seem as common.